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  • Arepa de Choclo or 'Sweet Arepas' - A Latin Delight now available in New Zealand

    The “Arepa de Choclo or Chocolo”, also known as cachapa, chorreada, jojoto corn, or sweet corn tortilla, is a delicious traditional dish in Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Ecuador. Its preparation is similar to a pancake, or a common arepa, except that it is not made with wheat flour, but with sweet corn. We have imported to New Zealand the sweet cornflour mix ready here. It is usually accompanied with peasant cheese or curd They are a delight in every way and perfect for breakfast with scruble eggs and hot chocolate, or also as a small snack at any time of the day. Specifically in Colombia, the sweet arepa is more common in departments of the country such as Antioquia, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca and Santander, as well as in the Llanos Orientales. For many, this type of arepa is the favourite among all, due to its ideal contrast between sweet and salty. A bit of history The preparation of this type of arepas has its origins since before the conquest of the Spanish in America, since the native Indians used to knead the tender grains of the cob or corn, then putting them on fire, until creating this dough. Over the years, this food was increasing its popularity, until it became known to all Colombians and the same in other countries in the region. Recipe and Preparation (Servings: 8-10) INGREDIENTS: 1 cup P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix 1 cup water ¼ cup milk Vegetable oil or butter to grease the pan 1 egg Cheese (Mozarella works well) PREPARATION: Add P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix along with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. Mix using a whisk or fork until homogeneous. Let the batter rest for 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. If you desire a harder consistency, add an additional tablespoon of P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix. If you prefer a lighter consistency, add an additional tablespoon of water or milk to the original recipe. Preheat a grill or pan and grease with vegetable oil or butter. Stir. Pour a portion of the mixture using a ladle and spread forming a disc. Cook for 3 minutes on each side until golden brown. Remove from heat. Grease the grill or pan with paper towels before cooking each additional serving. Serve with butter, cheese, ham, syrup, or any other side of your choice. TIPS: In this type of arepa, it is ideal to get a wet dough, you are not supposed to knead the dry dough like a regular arepa, so it is ok if the mix is not dry. Try doing it without water, replace that amount with milk. It is easier if you cook the arepas individually in a small pan Similar to Pancakes size We have here in New Zealand Sweet Corn Mix P.A.N. It is made with the best cobs and allows you to cook the typical sweet arepas recipes. This product is the ideal one to prepare typical recipes of sweet corn, cornbread, sweet rolls, sweet corn croquettes, cachapas and many others. Thanks for reading! La Tienda Colombiana

  • Don't freeze out on Winter, Choco-shake things up!

    There is nothing better than a hot and delicious drink for Winter season, and the Colombian Hot Chocolate is a Must-Try!. It is a tasty and delightful option to keep you warm. ... if you are not Colombian you might find the following photo a bit odd, but yes, we do that!... it's delicious! and you should try it: Chocolate is a very common and healthy option to drink at breakfast or to join with a snack in the afternoon. Being cacao-based, drinking this delicious beverage brings some benefits such as an antioxidant effect, decreasing blood pressure, improving the mood due to the increase of endorphins, among others great benefits for your health! This drink is very versatile and although is mostly drank in hot milk which results in a wonderful flavour, there are different and curious recipes you can try at home. You can get really creative when using it in the kitchen! Here some ideas: 1- The Colombian Way: Melt Cheese in your the hot chocolate! The traditional Colombian way of drinking hot chocolate is putting cheese into the cup of hot chocolate, so it melts, and it stretches in a delicious way that is very provocative, check it out! 2- Chocolate and strawberries with cream Add in the blender 1 cup of hot milk with some chocolate and 3 strawberries, liquify a little this mix and then serve this drink with some whipped cream and some pieces of strawberries and finally enjoy! 3- Andean chocolate (Chocolate with Achiras) Liquify a cup of hot milk with a single tablet of chocolate, and after serving it add some achiras and cheese. Enjoy a perfect snack for cold mornings and nights! 4- Herbal chocolate On a cup of milk on the oven at low fire, add a branch of fresh rosemary so the milk can take its flavour and then draw it out. Add a tablet of chocolate to the hot milk and mix it a little till the chocolate melt completely. Serve it adding a pinch of salt and mix it one last time. Remember that the chocolate tablets are not like the sweet chocolate you give on Valentine's, this table chocolate it is bitter and you have to melt it in water or milk You can order Colombian Hot Chocolate in our Winter Combo here: https://www.latiendacolombiana.co.nz/product-page/combo-invierno-winter Thanks for reading! La Tienda Colombiana

  • Colombian in New Zealand - Karen Alvarado from Cworld Agency

    In this section of our blog we like to share stories of Colombians Living in New Zealand. We had a fun interview with Karen Alvarado from CWorld, here you can read her story: ¿Who is Karen Alvarado and from What part fo Colombia? I am from Popayan, a city in Colombia very close to Cali, but all my high school I lived in Ipiales border with Ecuador due to my father's job. I graduated in Business Administrator and Project Management from El Bosque University in Bogota. I am a happy mum of two little kiwi boys (Samuel and Nicolas 2 and 4 years) and I live in New Zealand with my husband (Colombian) since 9 years ago. Tell us a bit about your story: I came to study English for 7 months, studied a Diploma in management and worked as a general manager for 4 years in Mexican restaurants, and thanks to this job I learned about the visa processes and the needs that all students had when they want to extend their visa (cost, quality, times) all the time I was surrounded of students and their greatest wish was to extend their visa to continue in this beautiful country. I discovered that I had this ability knowing and understand visa process and then Cworld agency born as a company that not only helps to extend student visas and bring students, also to be a support for all people who want to know different experiences. We try to make them feel us like a family. I currently own CWorld where we have an office in Auckland and Bogota, and also We make all procedures for student visas, residence, work, visitor visas, with a great team of immigration advisers. In my free time, I do some manage of my husband's company where today he has 22 employees. I love my work I love helping people and helping them in their process because I know all the feelings presented in this beautiful journey with full of learning in the life of an immigrant. ¿What Colombian Food you miss the most? Sanchocho (chicken soup as we said to the kiwis), pan de bono, tostacos, ponque gala and chocorramos ¿What products from our Store you like? Tienda Colombiana is our blessing thanks to this great team for bringing our products giving to our children the opportunity of know a little more of our flavour and culture. In my house always there is harina pan is my husband's favourite. Pony malta for my youngest son Nicolas, Frunas for my son Samuel and for me Cocosette and now I am addicted to the new product Snacks mix We have a Special Snack Combo here: latiendacolombiana.co.nz/combos ¿Any advise you want to share with Colombians who want to study in New Zealand? Yes, DO NOT STOP DREAMING and save money sometimes We believe that the dream of learning a new language in another country is very expensive or impossible for some but the reality is: if they find a good and professional agency students can have cheap prices and fulfil the goal and dream saving a little less. If you are thinking of living this experience, do not hesitate, it is an experience that helps you grow and become a better person. Without a doubt, living this experience allows you to discover new cultures, places and discover the true strengths that we have. Come ready to live a different experience and with faith so for sure everything turns out perfect. by last, each person has different experience and the true is that New Zealand is a beautiful country and is a good decision to live , let yourself be guided by the heart and intuition, if people come with a lot of positivity and a lot of desire and dreams they will surely have the best experience of their lives. Cworld is your friendly agency professional, always be willing to give the best option Where to contact you if someone is interested on more info about your Agency Cworld? If you are interested in study or extend Visa in New Zealand, you can contact Karen Alvarado: +642040451188 Email: info@cworld.co Visit www.cworld.co for more information https://www.facebook.com/CWorld.co . Thanks for reading! La Tienda Colombiana

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  • Colombian Online Store | La Tienda Colombiana | New Zealand

    Congelados? See all products 1/2 50%OFF Quick View Ducales Crackers (Galletas Ducales 2 tacos) - 294g Regular Price $8.90 Sale Price $4.45 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Drinking Chocolate Powder (Chocolisto) - 300g Regular Price $9.00 Sale Price $4.50 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Cereal Choco Krispis (Cereales Chococrispis) - 130gr Regular Price $4.90 Sale Price $2.45 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Breakfast Cereals (Cereales Zucaritas de Kellogg's) - 125gr Regular Price $4.90 Sale Price $2.45 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Soft Candy (Frunas tradicional) - 24 Unit Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $5.00 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Jumbo Chocolate Bar with Peanuts (Chocolatina Jumbo) - 40gr Regular Price $2.40 Sale Price $1.20 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Supercoco Lollipop (Bombón Supercoco) 24 Units - 360gr Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $5.00 Add to Cart Quick View Chocoramo 5 units - 325gr Price $10.50 Add to Cart Quick View Hot Chocolate Traditional flavor (Corona Tradicional) - 500gr Price $9.50 Add to Cart 50%OFF Quick View Foot and Shoe Powder (Talcos Mexsana) - 235gr Regular Price $17.90 Sale Price $8.95 Add to Cart See All Products Click here Corn flour / Harina de Maíz Make Colombian Arepas Yes! Click here Subscribe Subscribe Now Be the first to know about discounts and offers from la Tienda Colombiana! Our Colombian Blog Arepa de Choclo or 'Sweet Arepas' - A Latin Delight now available in New Zealand 257 Write a comment 10 Don't freeze out on Winter, Choco-shake things up! 435 Write a comment 3 Colombian in New Zealand - Karen Alvarado from Cworld Agency 738 Write a comment 9 Read our Blog

  • Colombians in NZ

    Colombians in New Zealand In this section of our blog, we like to share stories of Colombians Living in New Zealand. See below inspiring stories of Colombians who moved to New Zealand with different projects, ideas and entrepreneurship, they represent our country with all the energy, the enthusiasm that characterizes positively our Culture. La Tienda Colombiana May 29, 2020 3 min Colombian in New Zealand - Karen Alvarado from Cworld Agency 738 views Write a comment 9 La Tienda Colombiana Feb 4, 2020 2 min Colombian in New Zealand - Nelson Cuellar from Tennis Monsters 325 views Write a comment 8 La Tienda Colombiana Jan 15, 2020 1 min Colombian in New Zealand - Tierra Viva - Colombian Dance Group 646 views Write a comment 11 La Tienda Colombiana Nov 19, 2019 5 min Colombian in New Zealand - Vale Zuluaga 406 views Write a comment 8 La Tienda Colombiana Jul 13, 2019 1 min Sharing the love for Colombian Coffee 142 views Write a comment 6 La Tienda Colombiana May 7, 2019 3 min Colombian in New Zealand - Lina González from SEA International 379 views Write a comment 7 La Tienda Colombiana Mar 30, 2019 3 min Colombian in New Zealand - Elizabeth Hoyos 316 views Write a comment 7

  • Casa Molana | Artisanal Handbags | Mochilas Guayu

    Casa Molana <-- Back to Shop Casa Molana is the e-boutique that shows the beauty of the handmade to the world... All the way from , the mochilas are high-quality handbags that come in different colors and patterns. Weaved by indigenous women and families, the mochilas transfer their own story to tell and share with the world. La Guajira in Colombia We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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