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Flavors that make us proud to be Colombian.


The impact specialty coffee has had for Colombia has been remarkable. We rose to the top when coffee consumers began looking for arabica genetics and mild specialty flavors. The same can be said when the chocolate market began asking for dark chocolate rather than "bitter" chocolate. This bar is a blend of our arabica and criollo genetics from coffee and cacao, both outstanding in flavor and unique to our soil.


Lucas, one of the first small farmers to believe in us is the main character in this chocolate bar. Besides harvesting over 6.000 trees, he takes care of 3 white bean criollo trees that grow in his land and that are now being multiplied in the region to improve the uniqueness of the genetics grown in this rural area.



Citric fruits, cedar and coffee.


Ingredients: Cacao, unrefined cane sugar, arabica coffee and cocoa butter.

Net weight: 2,3 oz

Chocolate bar - Colección Heroes - 65% con café - 65g


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