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The power of raw.


Cacao is now considered a superfruit thanks to its high antioxidant content. The polyphenols present in the beans help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol and the risk of heart attack, improve sight and memory and prevent oxidation in the body. It also contains Serotonin, a chemical compound which produces happiness in the brain and reduces stress.


A regular roasted 70% cacao chocolate can contain 6 times the antioxidant power of wine and 4 times that of tea. This chocolate is made with unroasted or "raw" cacao which can contain up to 80% more antioxidants than regular dark chocolate as it is not taken through roasting temperatures.


Olga is a small farmer from Colombia who spent 10 years away from her farm. Guerrillas displaced her from it and threatened to harm her family if she and other farmers stayed home. Today, she harvests ancestral cacao and is back to her farm where she welcomes foreigners coming for ecoturism to enjoy her farm's cliffs and waterfalls.



Rasperry and flowers


Ingredients: Unroasted cacao and unrefined cane sugar.

Net weight: 2,3 oz

Chocolate bar - Colección Heroes 76% sin tostar


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