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Best Before February 1st 2022


Mezcla para Preparar Almojabanas 300g


Almojabanas are a type of cheese bread that is very popular in Colombia. These are delicious for breakfast or as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee.


Ingredients: Precooked corn flour, cassava starch, milk powder, sugar and baking powder. Contains Milk.





For 15 Cheese Bread (Almojabanas)


  • 10.57 Oz (300gr) of mix ready to prepare
  • 1 ½ Lb, of ground cheese
  • 1 Egg
  • 200 ml of water or milk



  1. Before mixing the ingredients, grind the cheese in a food processor until obtaining a fine consistency.
  2. To the content of Cassava, Bread Mixture add the twice quantity of Ground cheese, one  Egg and add water or milk until forming a firm and soft dough.
  3. Form the Cheese Bread and place them in a greased cooking sheet. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes


To Bake:

  1. Preheat oven at 480 ºF
  2. Take the Cassava Bread to the oven and leave them to cook for 12 – 15 minutes until they turn brown
  3. This way you will obtain the most delicious Cheese Bread ideal for Breakfast, snacks and special reunions

Almojabana Mix Flour (Mezcla para Almojabanas) - 300g

  • 1 September 2022

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