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Another Traditional Snack from Colombia - Carantanta

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Carantanta is a typical product from the department of Cauca, in Colombia; it is obtained after cooking ground corn, drying and removing the part of the dough that is stuck to the walls of the pot in which the corn is cooked.

Carantanta from Cauca Colombia

The word carantanta comes from the indigenous Quichua language,

which means "hard bread".

The corn dough is used to wrap tamales and empanadas in different parts of America, but in Cauca the filling dough for these tamales and empanadas is called pipián. The leftover from the process, that is, the gluing of the pot, is used under the name of Carantanta, either as a fried and salty appetizer or preparing it in soup.


Previously consumed by all the indigenous peoples of the Andes, such as Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, Carantanta is an ancestral product existing since pre-Columbian times. Popayán has been one of the few cities in southwestern Colombia that still produces this product for consumption.

According to Carlos Humberto Illera, a professor at the Universidad del Cauca, “it is a product that began to be consumed in alarming quantities by the mestizo population in the Panamanian cuisine since the 17th century. From that time on, the Indians offered the Europeans the carantanta soup ”.

Do you want to try it?

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See more info on this video:

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