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About Us

Hello! Welcome to La Tienda Colombiana.

So glad you’re here!

We’re Kathy, David & Alejandro, entrepreneurs and founders of La Tienda Colombiana Limited. 


We all come from different backgrounds, and we've joined forces to bring you the best selection of the most iconic Colombian products right here in New Zealand.

As Colombians living in New Zealand and being so far away from our beloved Colombia, we decided to bring over the products that Colombians miss the most, and make all of us feel closer to our roots.

We want to offer to Latin Americans and Kiwis alike the delicious food that is made in Colombia, and perhaps everyone will end loving it as much as we do.

Our goal is to make La Tienda Colombiana the best place to find Colombian products with the best customer service.

Do you want to import something from Colombia?

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